More Than Ever Before.
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Amish Girls Gone Wild

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Those zany filmmakers that brought you Girls Gone Wild, Sorority Sisters Exposed, Ultimate Spring Break, Super Ultimate Spring Break, The Most Ultimate of all Ultimate Spring Breaks, Pets Gone Wild, and Drunk Assholes Do Stupid Shit are at it once again. This time they bring the party to quiet Amish country.

That’s right!  They’re taking their cameras along to catch Amish girls in the act, during Rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage that begins when a child reaches the age of 16 and continues until they decide whether they want to join, or leave the Amish church.

You will never believe what these plain and simple folk will do when our cameras start rolling. Topless Amish babes churning butter, topless Amish babes riding in the back of wagons, and it really gets crazy when livestock and Snoop Dogg are in the Farmizzle Hizzouse. The Dutch have never been shunned like this before!

See how those annoying-ass New York and New Jersey tourists react, when they witness the Amish exposing themselves on the mean streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Jaws will drop as they see how Barn-Raisings become Raise-The-Roof parties, and quilting sessions go all the way!

Who needs technology when you have great big Amish titties under the glow of oil lanterns? These girls make college parties look like bible school sessions!

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer

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