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Michael Jackson Fingers Bubbles

Pop diva Michael Jackson claimed today that his beloved chimpanzee Bubbles was the perpetrator in the recent allegations of sexual misconduct.   Jackson will tell the court that during a sleep over last year, Bubbles provided the 12 year old victim with Kool-Aid laced with NyQuil.  NyQuil is a popular coughing, sneezing, runny nose, put-you-in-a-coma, medicine.  According to Jackson the boy became lethargic after drinking the concoction and Bubbles “poked him in [his] poo-poo with his pee-pee.”
Jackson does not deny inviting the boy over for a “gladiator sleep-over,” but steadfastly maintains he did not molest him.  He claims the boy has mistakenly assumed it was him doing the molesting, when in fact it was Bubbles.

Jackson (left) Being Held By Bubbles

“Bubbles and I look like twin brothers. I’m whiter, but you can’t really tell us apart when the room is all dark and cozy.”
When asked as to why he did not report this sooner Jackson said, “It was kind of sweet really, I didn’t see anything wrong with it.”

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