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Man Found 15 Days After Quake Happily Surrounded By Balls

BAM, IRAN - Fifteen days after being buried underneath earthquake rubble, a 23 year old man was found alive and in excellent health in the Iranian city of Bam, an International Red Cross spokesman reported.
Luckily for the man he was frolicking in the rubber ball pit at Akbar Muhammed’s “Aab Goosht Baadenjaan & Arcade”. Aab Goosht Baadenjaan is a favorite dish among the Iranian people. It consists of meat, split peas, eggplants, turmeric and potatoes.
A magnitude 6.6 quake struck Bam on December 26, killing an estimated 30,000 people, leveling most of the town & holiday spirits of this quaint town 220 miles north of the Gulf of Oman.
Experts say it is very rare for people to survive for more than 72 hours in post earthquake rubble, however Tahmasbi Duncar (the survivor) lasted as long as he did because his surroundings cushioned the fall.
“When the earthquake hit, I was jumping around and splashing the rubber balls in the pit everywhere. There was a fat kid at the top of the sliding board and I didn’t pay him no mind. So when the earthquake hit, I thought the fat kid fell or something,” said Duncar of his experience.

Ball Lover
Tahmasbi Duncar Loves
Being Amongst Balls

He continued, “It didn’t take long for me to realize that a tragedy had struck when I then saw that fat kid and about 3 other people get crushed by the roof that collapsed. It’s sad, that fat kid was full of spirit.”
Duncar explained how the experience was a dream come true for him because he always wanted to just spend two weeks “laying amongst the balls”.
Experts believe Duncar survived as long as he did because of his high spirits and he lived off the food he found left by other in the bottom of the ball pit.
Experts also believe that even though he is in perfect health and spirits, Duncar would have been better off having been crushed in the earthquake.

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