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Fat Woman Seen Crying At Third Tragic Event This Month

JACKSONVILLE, FL - For the third time in as many weeks, a local woman was spotted crying just outside the yellow police tape.
The woman identified as "Fatty" Mary Beth Deltatti could not be reached by Faux-News for an interview to date.
Our news sources has relayed to us that Ms. Deltatti has a strange habit of showing up at numerous, murder scenes, fires & auto mobile accidents and just stands there crying for the victims.
When asked Local Police Sergeant James Wallace said, "We'll some of us in uniform have started calling her "Crying Mary". She always seems to be on the scene as soon as we are. At first we suspected that she may have something to do with theses events, but she's always crushed by what has happened so we figured it couldn't be here. She's kind of become our little on site mascot."

"Fatty" Deltatti: "How Could
This Have Happened?"

Not everyone loves Daltatti though, Frank Wolford who has unfortunately  known Deltatti for several years was quoted as saying, "That fat bitch really gets on my nerves. She always crying for these people and she doesn't even know them. She really needs to lose about 150 lbs and get some real friends of her own rather than act like all the dead were her friends. She's really fucked up. I'd like to punch her in her oversized pouting puss."
Ms. Deltatti is only one of many friendless heavy women around the country that shows this disturbing pathetic behavior.

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer
Tha Mike

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