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ABC, CBS & NBC Cover Geraldo Rivera In Spider-Hole

NEW YORK, NY - The big three networks ABC, CBS and NBC held a press conference today to announce that they have agreed to come together for an evening of simulcast programming. Together, all three networks plan to hour a three-hour documentary detailing the capture of Saddam Hussein.
The special will reveal amazing facts about the operation and will be hosted by the man that found the now infamous spider-hole: Geraldo Rivera
“This couldn’t have come at a better time for me, really,” said Rivera. “My popularity was soaring right up until the whole ‘Al Capone’s Vault’ thing a couple years ago. Every day since, I’ve searched for the right hole to open that was deep enough to find my career. Turns out, I only had to look six feet or so underground. Who knew?”
Rivera will recount the story of the anonymous tip that led him to the farm hiding the dictator, and serve as the actual first airing of the footage of him opening the hidey-hole and asking Hussein for an interview.

This Couldn’t Have Come At A
Better Time For Me, Really

“It was amazing,” said PFC Marcus Watson. “Rivera opened that little door, and when Saddam saw his face, he immediately began begging to be arrested.”
The U.S. military is currently plotting to send Rivera into every cave in Afghanistan in hopes of flushing out Osama Bin Laden.

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