More Than Ever Before.
By thamike.com
NASA Scientists: "Oh shit."

Recently, I had the oppourtunity to have a private tour around NASA and lobby some questions about the Mars rover, Spirit, to NASA scientist Alex Freibaler. But what started out as an evening with professional, NASA scientists was interrupted by a severely negative development.

FN - So show me, exactly how do you communicate with the rover?

AF - That's pretty simple. See, you just type in the command or the request for any kind of information here and... Oh shit...

FN - What is it?

AF - "Shit, fuck. What the hell...Uhm, nothing, give me a second."

"Shit, fuck. What the hell...Uhm,
nothing, give me a second."

FN - Uhm, alright. Well, can you tell me exactly what NASA has found on Mars so far? Any interesting developments?

AF - Eh? Oh, um, yes, yes indeed, we've found that there is indeed ice water on Mars. "Piece of shit. Billion dollar probe my ass..."

FN - And what does finding ice water mean?

AF - It means there's water on the planet, ass. It makes it easier to terraform when we finally kick the ass out from under Earth.

FN - Wh- Don't get uppity with me, bitch. What the hell's going on?

AF - (quietly) It's broken.

FN - What?

AF - (loudly) It's fucking broken. The fucking billion-dollar R/C car with a drill is broken. I'm not getting any signal. Piece of shit.

FN - Oh, well...

AF - "PC Load Letter?" What the fuck does that mean?!

The scene that ensued wasn't pretty. NASA console parts and electrical wire flew everywhere, along with enough cursing that would make Andrew Dice Clay's ears bleed.

Since then, NASA has made some progress in contacting the rover and are on their way to having it in fully-functional condition, but Alex Friebaler is still in the hospital recovering from electrical burns on his hands, arms, and penis.

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer

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