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Bush In Stable Condition After
Shooting Self In Foot

President George W. Bush is in stable condition after an apparent mishap while playing with a loaded pistol in the Oval Office. The pistol, a Colt .45 that once belonged to deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, went off as the president was showing off the weapon to a Secret Service officer. The weapon had been given to him as a “trophy” by military officials after Saddam’s capture in a “spider-hole” in Iraq...

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Rush Limbaugh
is Transformed

Take a good look at the well-dressed man in this photo. He no longer exists in that form! Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk show host and celebrity beloved by millions of fans known as ditto heads, has gone through an abrupt and some might say shocking transformation in his image - a complete transformation of his public persona. We were the first to interview the changed Rush after his recent two week stay at the Change-Your-Life addiction center...

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Remembering President Al Haig

Last week, America was not alone in the mourning of a great president. Many nations gathered around candlelight vigils, singing the praises of a great man. Al Haig was one of the most influential presidents of the 20th century...

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Bush: "I Am Indeed A Liar"

President Bush, in Houston to celebrate his father's 80th birthday, told reporters that earlier in the day he had been clinically diagnosed by a Texas psychiatrist as being a pathological liar, according to a high ranking US official...

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Lethal Weapon Psalm 6

After impressing the world with his prodigious acting abilities in front of international audiences, Colin Powell has been tapped by officially official officials to share the lead with Mel Gibson in his next movie, "Lethal Weapon Psalm 6."...

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