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Asian Orphans New
"Tickle Me Elmos"

This year's hot Christmas item is not a dancing stuffed animal, a remote-control gadget or even a hi-tech video game. What are kids clamoring for this year? Asian orphans from countries like Laos, North Korea, and Cambodia.

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Georgia School Systems
Institute New Education Program

High school teacher Scott Rice was in the midst of teaching his chemistry class when, while still teaching, he walked across the classroom to the desk of a talkative Gary McDonald and laid five across his eyes without any warning.

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Students Put Elementary
School Principle In Coma

Principle Lawrence Bishop of Compton's Roosevelt Elementary School was savagely beaten into a coma by 1 of the schools 4 Kindergarten classes earlier this week. The beating occurred at 2:45 PM on Thursday.

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Captured, Given Make-Over

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured in a “spider hole” 9 miles west of his home town, Tikrit on Saturday.  Little did he know, he was in for the make-over of a lifetime.

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